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Jan, 2020


Registration is open till March 1st 2020.   Any registrations after March 1st will be charged a $25.00 late fee and may be put on a wait list. 
Every account (family)  will be charged for 8 raffle tickets during online registration. you will receive 20 raffle tickets, each ticket is $10.00
If you sell all 20 tickets you will make back your $80.00 plus $120.00 to help offset the price of registration.

Every account (family) will be charged a work bond of $75.00 during online registration.  You will be returned the work bond after fulfilling stand duty.   { work bond does not apply for junior and senior divisions }

Majors division  (one player)
Registration fee $135.00
Work bond        $  75.00
Raffles               $  80.00
Total Due          $290.00

If you work concession stand and sell all raffles you will get back $275.00,  your final cost would be $15.00

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