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Jun, 2020

Covid 19 Safety

Greenwood Lake Little League
Covid 19 Safety

Prior to leaving your house for game or practice

All GWLLL members, parents, players, and spectators should review and answer health assessment questions on the GWLLL website. 



Arriving to ball field

All players, coaches, parents, and spectators must adhere to the six foot physical distancing requirement.

Any player showing any symptoms will be asked to leave immediately.

Face coverings are required for spectators, and they must maintain social distancing.

Spectators will NOT be allowed to use the bleachers.  All spectators must bring their own seating or stand.

Spectators will not be permitted around backstop, or near dugouts.

Spectators, and parents must remain off all playing fields at all times.


General rules and game play

Coaches must wear face coverings at all times prior, during, and after games and practices.

Players must wear face coverings while not actively participating in the field of play.

Players and coaches must adhere to social distancing except for when the ball is in play.

There are to be NO team water coolers or shared drink stations.

Line ups should be enter online or spoken to other manager or umpire.  There should be no exchange of physical documents.

There will be game balls designated to each team for use while that team is on defense.

Players must not share equipment.  Each team should have two sets of catcher equipment. 

Do NOT share gloves, bats, helmets, water bottles, etc.

If a bat is to be shared it must be sanitized between players who use it.

NO TOUCH RULE… players are not allowed to shake hands, high five or fist bump. There will be no physical contact between players, coaches, umpires, or spectators.

Teams will line up at end of the game and tip their hats to each other

No spitting, chewing gum, sunflower seeds, or other similar products will be allowed.

Hand and equipment sanitizing between innings is highly suggested.

No licking fingers.

Players will adhere to six foot distancing while in dugout.  This will require the use of bleachers, chairs, or standing on the outside of field.

Players must use the same seat for entire game, and their equipment should remain with them at their seating location.

Coaches must maintain six foot distance with all players, coaches, and umpires.

Umpires will call balls and strikes from behind the pitcher.

Games will be limited to one hour and thirty minutes.

There will be one hour of time between all games.

Teams are to show up for warm ups no more than thirty minutes before game time.



Practices will be held to a one hour time limit.

There will be one hour time between practices for sanitizing, and distancing measures.

Teams should break into groups of ten during practice.

Dugouts are NOT to be used during practice.

No spitting, gum chewing, or seeds allowed during practice.

Face coverings must be worn by players when not on the field of play.

Coaches must wear face coverings at all times.

Players should be transported to practice by an immediate family member.  There should not be carpooling during this time.

Parents should remain off the field and practice social distancing.


GWLLL complex (Lions field)

All facilities, dugouts, and fence gates will be sanitized after each game and practice.

Restrooms are single use only and will be cleaned before and after each game.

Bleachers will be used by players only, NO spectators will be allowed.

We will use the outside area near dugouts and or install temporary safety fence for extension of dugouts.

There will be a FOUR player max in main dugout at all times.

Spectators will be allowed in area around outfield fence only, and must maintain social distancing.

Concession stand will be open for closed drinks, snacks, etc.  There will be NO prepared food sold.

There will be a two person limit in concession stand at all times.

There will be a table placed in front of concession stand window to maintain a six foot distance.

There will be sanitizer stations provided near restrooms, concession stand, and in all dugouts.

There will be a one hour of time between all games and practices.

Teams should leave the complex promptly after the game.  Any teams that remain after twenty minutes of game will be asked to leave.

Face coverings and six foot social distancing must be adhered to at all times.

Spectators may live stream games for other family members to enjoy.



These are the safety measures we will implement for this season, in accordance with the CDC, WHO, and Little League baseball recommendations.

This is an ongoing health pandemic and these measures can change at any time

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